Istituto Prosperius Tiberino is a private rehabilitation clinic offering both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation to neurological, orthopedic, and sports injury patients. It is located in Umbria, the region of Italy to the immediate east of Tuscany. Umbria, called the “Green Heart of Italy” because of its agricultural production, is also known for its art and culture, its hill towns, and its history as the center of world-wide Franciscanism. Assisi, Gubbio, and other sites important to the Franciscan tradition are within one hour’s drive of the clinic. The facility is part of the Prosperius Group, which also sponsors medical, surgical, diagnostic, and outpatient rehabilitation facilities in Florence, Tuscany and elsewhere.
The Istituto was the first public-private joint venture in health in Italy. The Italian Ministry of Health partnered with the physician owners of Istituto Prosperius to found the rehabilitation center and to link it to a public, acute care institution, the general hospital of the town of Umbertide. This hospital physically adjoins the Istituto, although it is under separate governance and has a separate staff. The Istituto is able to offer all stages of rehabilitation defined by the Italian Ministry of Health, from acute to outpatient to community-based. The Istituto is also a research center and offers periodic rehabilitation-oriented conferences in collaboration with other institutes and universities.

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